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Have you got an iPhone / iPod Touch?  Did you know that you can use the device that you have to chat with your friends on MSN?  Its so cool!  You can keep in touch with your friends while you watch your favorite TV show / enjoy the sun outside.  You don’t have to sit in front of your computer anymore!  If this sounds something you want to do, just follow the step by step guide below and you will get connected in no time.

Step 0: Make sure your iPhone / iPod Touch is connected to the Internet.

Step 1: Click on the Safari app:

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Just got this post from cnBeta: http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/63023.htm

Will have to wait till next month to see how accurate its……

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Poor iPhone…

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Recently I’ve been trying to write a post on Firefox in Windows Vista using my MacBook…but there is this one little problem…my MacBook..and so as everybody else’s…doesn’t have the Print Screen key on the keyboard! (more…)

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It’s not he first time that I hear people saying:

If you install Windows (using Boot Camp) on your (Intel) Mac, it will make your Mac run really slow!

I always thought this is some kind of a joke because they (the two operating systems) are sitting on different partitions…so how can they interfere with one another? Well, it turns out that with / without installing Windows (using Boot Camp) on your (Intel) Mac DOES make a difference…at least it makes a difference on the Restart / Shut Down process. (more…)

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Before I got my MacBook, I’ve heard people complaining that their MacBook / MacBook Pros are getting a little too warm at times. After I got my MacBook…I’ve noticed that the default fan speed is a little too low…thus the CPU could get quite warm when you open up quite a few apps. My friend Chaks, who also owns a MacBook, recommended a software to me (thanks Chaks) 😀 Its called SMC Fan Control (SMC stand for System Management Controller). Here are some details about the software:


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Reinstalling your own operating system is kind of like a standard task nowadays if you are using your computer(s) extensively. No matter whether you are using a Mac or a PC, your operating system is kind of like “aging” everyday…getting slower and slower until the point you can’t stand it anymore and decide to do a reinstall.

Also…sometimes it takes less time to solve a problem by reinstalling the system rather than taking your time to find the solution itself…although you won’t learn much…but at least you will get the job out of the way.

Reinstalling Windows should be easy because most people are PC users; when you have a problem regarding your installation, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to help you…but what if you are using a Mac? (more…)

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