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The Dictionary Application (Dict App for short) is really helpful at times when you are reading an eBook / web page. I even define my own shortcut key so that when I high light a word and press “Control + Command + A”, the dictionary app will come up straight away and show me the meaning of the word that I’ve high lighted.

But there is just one little problem…the Dict App only comes with a few built-in dictionaries…for instance if I want to know the Chinese meaning of a particular word, I’ll need to search online / use something else. It would be great if I can add more dictionaries and make it the “one stop” app that I’ll ever need.

Well, it turns out that with the help of DictUnifier, you can add all kinds of dictionaries to the built-in Dictionary Application in Leopard. Take a look of my list 😉 (I only use a handful of the dictionaries, others are for my friends) (more…)

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After receiving a port scan this morning (thanks for the new year present):

I’ve came to realize that I need to setup the firewall on my Mac asap before someone decided to take a tour of my iMac. (more…)

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I have been using Leopard for more than a week now…and I am discovering new things everyday…which is the same with any operating system really 😀 The “artificial voice” (think its called Alex) in Leopard sounds a lot better and is quite close to human voice (at most of the time), but you do laugh at times when it do sound like a robot 😉 Anyway, with the speech service, you can let your Mac read out documents / lecture notes / eBooks to you! Its great for lazy people like me 🙂


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