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It’s not he first time that I hear people saying:

If you install Windows (using Boot Camp) on your (Intel) Mac, it will make your Mac run really slow!

I always thought this is some kind of a joke because they (the two operating systems) are sitting on different partitions…so how can they interfere with one another? Well, it turns out that with / without installing Windows (using Boot Camp) on your (Intel) Mac DOES make a difference…at least it makes a difference on the Restart / Shut Down process. (more…)

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Gmail is full of features…only recently I’ve started using Gmail‘s keyboard shortcuts -_- The article below contains quite a lot of interesting tips and tricks on Gmail. If you are using Gmail as your primary email provider…you might want to checkout the article below 🙂

57 Habits of Highly Effective Gmail Users

Gmail has been praised by many as the best webmail option out there, and it is filled with loads of tools and options that make it easy to use, fast and accessible for just about anyone. Of course, with so many features, many people often fail to look beyond the surface of what Gmail can do even though they could be making their lives easier and their emails more versatile. Those who know how to use Gmail well have tapped into all the productivity it has to offer, and you can learn from their discoveries to make your Gmailing experience ever better. Here are some of the habits that Gmail users have employed to make sending, receiving and organizing their emails better and faster than before.

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From the Microsoft NZ Student Blog

On May 16th, Ryan from Microsoft will be coming down to Dunedin and give us a short demo on some of the latest technologies from Microsoft…and Silverlight 2.0 will be the main focus! Please check out the links below if you want to know more about Silverlight:

Microsoft websites: http://silverlight.net/ && http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/

First Look at Silverlight 2 – ScottGu’s Blog

Microsoft Silverlight – Wikipedia

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Chaks showed me a really good article on job interview yesterday…if you are looking for a job right now / in the near future, you might want to checkout the article below 🙂


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