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Interesting article from work:

Article of Interest – The Cost of Safety

Safety first is the name of the game for many investors right now. And with wild day-to-day swings in the markets and hugely divergent performances by securities within the same asset class, who can blame them?

Tolerance for risk is at extremely low ebb, a development reflected in the fact that yields on risk-free assets are at historic lows?in the case of US Treasury bills at levels not seen since World War II.

Yet this risk-averse behaviour masks one of the paradoxes of investment.

In good economic times, when comfort levels are high, the expected return from risk assets is less favourable. In those times, the cost of our willingness to take a risk is a lower expected return.

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I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever done any planning for my trips 😉 I’ve always thought it will take a long time to plan for a trip, and its impossible to do it within a day or two, but this time I’ve proven that planning could be a lot easier with the help of technologies like the online maps and of course, emails and websites 😀


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Chaks and I will be going down to Christchurch on 2nd of Nov to take part in the NZ Dot Net User Group‘s Boot Camp. One of the best thing about this Boot Camp is that a lot of people from the industry and even Microsoft are coming to give us a presentation on the latest Microsoft Technologies…and best of all, the event itself is FREE!


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